Thursday Night Bingo

. . . with O'Kellys' very own Bingo caller, 'Sean'

When is Bingo night?

Every Thursday night! We start punctually at 21:00 BUT, due to the popularity of bingo, tables fill up very quickly. To pretty much guarantee a seat, make sure you're here ideally before 20:00.

What does it cost to play Bingo?

Nothing! It's totally on us. Come in, find a seat and get ready to win

Can we reserve a table?

We are very sorry, but O'Kellys policy does not allow the reservation of tables, not on Bingo night or any night for that matter.

Is Bingo easy to play?

Yes, absolutely! Basically, every player gets a bingo card. The card contains 15 random numbers between 1 and 90. Sean calls out numbers as they come out of the bingo machine (in English and German... and sometimes in French too?!). When a number is called that you have on your card, simply cross it out with the pencil provided. When you have a complete horizontal line of numbers, you are the first winner of that card. After the horizontal line has been won, players keep their cards and the game continues until one player has every single number crossed out on their card. "Bingo!" is yelled by the winner and the ticket is checked against the numbers called. Simple eh?

What can we win?

Winners of the horizontal lines win a draught beer of their choice and winners of the whole card get a bottle of vodka-based alcohol.
Thursday Bingo
Quiz Prizes
“Win great prizes just for crossing out numbers! Join us every Thursday night from 21:00 to take part in Freiburg's most entertaining bingo evening. Who knows, you may walk away with some free alcohol!”

Our bingo night consists of four rounds of numbers and runs from between 21:00 and roughly 23:00 every Thursday evening. There is one rule at O'Kellys bingo, when you're waiting for just one number, you have to play standing up.

Up for the challenge? See you next week at 21:00!

Bingo night

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