Welcome to O'Kellys, Freiburg's Original Irish pub 
 Milchstrasse 1, 79098 Freiburg, Germany  

Every Thursday from 21:00

4 Rounds of bingo every thursday, with a bottle of schnapps to be won in each round, plus loads of beers!


Mitmachen kostenlos!

There is so much free and cheap alcohol being given away that O'Kellys Freiburg is considered a welfare state by the U.N.

What is Bingo?

Bingo is a game of probability in which players mark off numbers on cards as the numbers are drawn randomly by the caller, the first winner being the first person to mark off a horizontal line on their ticket and the overall winner of the round is the first to mark off all of their numbers.

As the numbers are announced by the bingo caller (in both English and German), players put an 'X' through matching numbers on their tickets using the pens or pencils provided.

Two chances to win per round

Winner 1: The line – covering a horizontal line of five numbers on the ticket. The person winning this prize can order a free beer from the bar.

Winner 2: Full House – covering all fifteen numbers on the ticket. The person winning this prize gets a choice of one of the bottle prizes available, such as a bottle of flavoured vodka or schnapps for example.

Repeat the above until all four rounds have been played and all eight prizes have been awarded. Oh, and did we mention the Booing?